Training & Safety

SPARKS Contractors Inc. employees completes an intensive safety regiment. They are well trained in safety procedures as outlined in our Safety and Health manual. Our manual details various codes and conduct expectations for any work site.


We’re also fully compliant with all Department of Transportation (DOT) and Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) safety regulations. SCI Crane utilizes NationsBuilders Insurance Services’ (NBIS) Risk Management Support System, a comprehensive assortment of tools that helps us drive proactive steps towards more effective risk management.

Finally, each SCI Crane employee also takes part in a comprehensive safety awareness program that was designed to exclusively support a safety-conscious work environment.

Certified Operators

SCI Crane Rental guarantees that you will get the "Professional Operator." All of our operators are certified. They have been with us for almost the lifetime of the company and are in the same crane every day. This results in excellent service every time.

Qualified Signalmen

OSHA requires a Qualified Signalmen when the operators view is obstructed from the equipment it is moving. If your company can not provide a Qualified Signalmen then SCI Crane Rental will provide one for you.

Qualified Riggers

OSHA standards calls for a Qualified Rigger for every lift. If your company can not provide a Qualified Rigger, then SCI Crane Rental will provide one for you. Our qualified and experienced staff provide these rigging services every day.

Tool Box Talks

Once a month SCI Crane Rental holds a safety meeting to go over important and critical topics.

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